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Check your health!

Want to keep track of your health in your home? Now you can do with Momert's two new products. Our new thermometer model 1763 with the extra large backlighted display, quick, accurate measurement, fever indication and waterproof design, can provide effective help when you are ill.
If you want to monitor your health on a daily basis, we recommend the new 3102 blood pressure monitor that allows 2 users to store their data at 120 memory locations, monitoring your heartbeat beyond your blood pressure, and retrieving data whenever you need it.

Perfectly smooth with the new Momert irons

In 2017 Momert's range of household appliances expanded, now with two new irons. The base model 2502 can be a useful companion in everyday life with a stainless steel sole, steaming, temperature control, turbo-steam and anti-limescale functions. The capacity of the water tank is 200 ml, which provides more convenient, less reloading ironing. Our larger 2503 model has a 2200W output that achieves superior smoothness in a shorter time, can steam vertically, and has a built-in safety (auto power off). With the self-cleaning function it is designed for long-term use.

From simple to multifunction - Momert scales

Momert's wide range of scales has expanded with 4 new members, ranging from simple glass scales to multifunctional. The 5873 personal scale fits with its simplicity to any bathroom, while the 5874 scale with hidden LED display, black and silver plant-pattern can become a decoration for any room. With the 5875 and 5876 multifunction scales, you can track body fat, body water and muscle mass changes, in addition to a variety of factors besides body weight. If you really need professional results, feel free to choose from the last two models.

Joyful cooking with Momert tools

Momert's baking machines range have been expanded with 4 new products: there are 2 hot plates, a waffel maker and a 3in1 sandwich maker. Hot plates (2300 single and 2301 double) allow you to use the product wherever you go, bring them to your weekend home, caravan or on excursion. With the 2014 waffle maker you can prepare a fantastic breakfast extremely fast thanks to the double, non-stick baking sheets. If you want to choose a multifunctional appliance in your kitchen, you can use the 2015, 3-in-1 model as a sandwich maker, waffle maker, or grill, thanks to the interchangeable baking sheets.



New hair tools in Momert brand

Momert's beauty products' range got wider again with 3 new products this year. The new 1609 hair dryer with a stylish look offers professional use and perfect hairdo for the user. The powerful motor accelerates hair drying, while the accessories and the ionizing function makes it easy to make your hair look beautiful. Considering the users' needs, 2 speed and 3 temperature settings can be adjusted on the product. Two new hair straighteners were also included: the 1652 digital hair straightener ensures safe use with adjustable temperature control and digital display, and a heat resistant bag for easy transport. With the 1653 2in1 model you can straighten and curl your hair, which ensures a versatile use.


Simple design in the kitchen

Momert's product range has widened from January with two new items, which can make everyday life more comfortable in the kitchen. Our first product is model 1508 drip coffee maker, which takes up small space with its 1,5L capacity, but has high performance. Tea and coffee can also be made with it. With the auto-off function it is safe to use, if you left it turned on it will turn off after 40 minutes. Until it reaches that time limit the keep-warm function ensures the freshness of your drink. The model 2201 hand mixer with its elegant outlook, ergonomic shape can be a really useful companion in the kitchen, with its silver-white color it fits into a modern environment too. The device has 5 speeds and turbo function which makes it suitable for making creams for cakes, or by using the dough hooks breads can easily be prepared at home too.
Try our new products as soon as possible and make the time spent in the kitchen enjoyable for the whole family.









Capriccio coffee maker: science of coffee brewing

Momert has launched in 1998 the Capriccio coffee maker family, which is Hungarian design and development, and was introduced to customers on the Budapest International Fair show in the picture. When developing the coffee maker engineers wanted to eliminate the problems of the already existing steam coffee makers on the Hungarian market. For example the temperature of the steam has been decreased, so it won't burn the coffee or the parts of the coffee maker. Do you remember when water was flowing out everywhere from the coffee maker and the rubber gasket got burnt? This never happens to a Capriccio coffee maker. Besides we put a steaming tube on the unit, so you can easily make frothy milk with it, or we can refresh our previously brewed coffee. On the inner side of the filter there are marks for 1-2 portions of coffee, so less portions can also be made with the coffee maker designed for 6 portions. Momert has came out with a wide range of colors from the beginning, but for the mid 2000 years only the black remained. After 2010 coloured kitchen units came back to fashion again, so Momert is also manufacturing the coffee makers in more, cheerful colors.

Every customer, who buys a durable Momert coffee maker, which makes a tasty coffee, can also contribute to keep hundreds of Hungarian workplaces. It is because nowadays we still produce the Capriccio coffee makers in Hungary. Choose the Capriccio feeling for drinking coffee.

Elegance of the weekdays: Momert 2250 blender

-Why is it that what is beautiful and good, shall be expensive too?  - we ask ourselves standing in front of the store shelves. But it is not always like that, a good example is the Momert blender that is both fashionable and durable, and the price also belongs to the affordable category. To the two speed settings and pulse function has been added a blue LED backlight on the switch, thereby strengthening the elegance of the glossy black housing. It will surely conquest with it's 1.5 liter glass carafe, as opposed to plastic jar blenders which are becoming opaque from scratches, it will seem novel, even after prolonged use.

Momert 58701 personal scale

Today in Hungary there is a true renaissance of folklore traditions and patterns. Momert therefore came out with a scale with Kalocsa motifs on it. Because of the painting technology of the folklore pattern made with two main colors a functional device like a personal scale can be transformed into decoration of the flat.  In addition, the device parameters can also noteworthy: 180 kg measuring capacity, quick-start. Momert kitchen scales are also available with similar Hungarian style and color pattern.

The World is colorful!

Have fun colors in your kitchen with the Capriccio coffee makers made in Hungary


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