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Supplier program

Momert Co., Ltd supply program

ÜzemOur company has made a long way in manufacturing since its foundation in 1967. In the last few decades many kinds of products were made in our factory, from the analogue alarm clocks, floppy drivers to the more thousand pieces of scales. With the help of the big experience, huge factory and the significant machine stock we are able to fulfill the different manufacturing requirements. Our supply program is based on these facts, in which we are producing spare parts, complete parts, or ready-made products to our customers, using the knowledge of our colleagues and the free capacity of the machines.

With our tool manufacturing department we can make the designing, production and service of the machines, so we are able to go through the total production line from the plans to the realization. Design works are made with Pro Engineer program, all process can go fluently with the support if IFS company management system.

Controlling is made with modern measuring tools by skilled quality management team. We have got TESA 3D measuring tool, projector, measuring microscope, spring-energy measuring tool and other calibrated measure instruments. We are applying ISO 9001 quality management system for the whole manufacturing process.

SzerelősorBesides producing spare parts, purchasing the required raw materials, an important part of supply program is the precision-engineering assembly. From the specially optimalized manufacturing lines we give out only accurate, fault-free products besides the economical production.

Important data:

  • Total manufacturing area: 12.000 m2
  • Warehouse area: 6.000 m2
  • Workers: ~250 persons


Plate-pressing, deep-drawing

Totally 35 pcs machines, 4-250 tons pressure:
- 9 pieces of hydraulic deep-drawing machines equipped with hydraulic pulling cushion, coil reeler, strip levellers, pneumatic and electronic feeding screw. 60-250t is the compressive force of these machines.
- 3 pieces of quick pressing machines with 30-50 t compressive force and with feeding- levelling and reeling mechanism adjusted.
- 23 pieces of excenter pressing machines with 4-160t compressive force.
The processed raw material is usually steel sheet (DC01, DC04, St2 K40, FULLHARD) with thickness of 0.2-3mm and width of 20-500mm. The machines use steel strip and are equipped with feeding-, levelling- and reeling mechanism adjusted to the conditions of serial production.

FröccsöntésPlastic injection

19 pcs ENGEL type hydraulic, 5 pcs Fanuc full electronic plastic injection machines, with 260t locking force which enables them to produce parts up to the 500g weight range. The machines are equipped with modern cooler (constant cooling water temperature of 14oC) temperature control and drier and colouring-feeding system. The processed raw materials are mainly: PP ABS TPE TPU PC POM, rarely: PA, PS.

TamponnyomásPainting workshop

Spray finishing is carried out with electrostatic automatic duster with the ability of changing two colours and preparing iron-phosphated material. The maximum size of the conveyor trajectory is 600x1500x250 mm.

Tamp printing

We have 4 pcs swiss made Teca tamp printing machines, which are able to print every printer-friendly surface. The maximum printable are is 250x200 mm.

We are searching partners for our supplier program, who are looking for reliable and flexible partner in the above mentioned area. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us by the Contact menu.

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