Our story

The history of our company dates back to 1967, when Magyar Optikai Művek (MOM) established its  alarm  clock  manufacturing plant in Dunaújváros.

Over the past 50 years, we have put into  effect such  technologies that have enabled us to produce the most state of the art products of the age, combined with the experience of our staff.

We have recognized that the key to development is a continuous innovation and the vision that our knowledge should be invested in the industry of the future.

We manufacture products that represent high added value and satisfy real requirements.

Thanks to the conscious diversification, we can now rely on 3 strategic pillars:

Production and trade of own-brand products, Supplier / Cooperation businesses ,  Automotive business.

Targeted selection and own product innovation 

Targeted range and own product innovation

We only sell products that really help people in their everyday live. The everyday product what we make or sell must meet our own and our users’ expectations, both in terms of function and quality. 

We draw on our own expertise and experience to develop our product portfolio, work on new and innovative solutions and have a number of patents to our name.

We make sure it runs smoothly

We know and understand all our products down to the smallest detail, so we back them with a strong guarantee. If you do have a problem using them, we have our own service centre in Hungary to fix it.

We help our clients

We have a customer service department where we provide assistance to our customers and interested parties. We are ready to answer any questions,requests or problems that may come up.

We form a community

We focus our communication on solving life situations. We strive to collect good practices, home practices, so that we can share them more widely, bring them to as many people as possible and incorporate them into our product development.

Own branded and OEM product manufacturing / sales

Momert Original brand since 1967

3 strategic product directions: household appliances, health care products, and baby care products. There has been a significant increase in OEM product production in these segments.

Supplier program / cooperative cooperation

Complex solutions

Instead of partial solutions, we support our partners with complex services. The complex technology used “in-house” provides a high degree of flexibility and competitive prices.

Delivery of parts of the automotive indutry

Automotive business

Using our more than 50 years of experience in the field of the    mechanical  precision  manufacturing , we are able to produce parts with thousands of millimeter accuracy that meet the above-average quality requirements of the automotive industry.

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Product Manufacturing

At a World-class level

For us, innovation is not the goal, but one of the indispensable tools for continuous development, which, based on decades of experience, gives the company its real value.

We provide complex solutions without compromise. From a creative idea to series production, world class.




About Momert

For us, innovation is not an end in itself, but an indispensable tool for continuous improvement, building on decades of experience to create the true value of a company.

We provide complex solutions, without compromise. From a creative idea to mass production, world-class.

We believe that we can produce quality products and parts in the middle of Europe in a cost-effective way. Details »

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